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This is the most preferred way to work with Download Time Calculator. We find it more accurate and often times gives the best results.


Download Time Calculator by 1693Apps is an easy tool to use when it comes to calculating your internet speed. If you are looking for the best Download Time Calculator, then you are at the right place. We have made your life easier, by adding two modes of testing your download speed. Please read more.

How To Use

The first thing you need is to know how big your file is and then you need to simply input this size in the "How big is your file field" and after that, simply select the size unit. This can be KB, MB, GB, TB or PB and let the dl time calculator to the rest for you.

Automatic Vs Manual Download Speed Detection

This is what makes our Download Time Calculator really cool. We have two modes you can choose from:

  1. Automatic
  2. This mode is what most users actually use when they want to get download time calculator accurate results. It will do the closest approximations, after that, it will get the averages, which will be most reliable. If there is a mode that you should consider, it has to be automatic download time calculator option.
  3. Manual
  4. With this mode, you will have the freedom to manually input your download speed in either:
    1. KiloBits Per Second
    2. MegaBits Per Second
    3. GigaBits Per Second

    NB: One common thing which most users do not know is the difference between Mbps and MBps. We will explain here in a few words:
    1. Mbps
    2. This is what your ISP offers you. It is read as MegaBits per second
    3. MBps
    4. This is read as MegaBytes per second, and it is actually what you will see in most download managers like IDM. This is NOT what you get from your ISP and 1MB = 0.125Mb

What Do Different Results Mean

Okay, we display the Best, Average and Worst download times based on your internet speed.

So, on the results, BEST is, how soon you can download the item, based on your set internet speed. Then AVERAGE is the median time for the download, while WORST is the slowest and hence longest time you can take to download the file.

Does Download Time Calculator Use Data?

Yes, just like other download time estimate tools which consume data, we use a bit of your data of course, to measure download time. But it is just a tiny bit, not all of it, we promise.

How To Calculate Download Time

If you were to calculate download time manually, then all you would need to do is simply Divide File Size by Your Download Size

If you are not sure of what your download speed is, then you can use our Free Download Time Calculator for this. Simply enter your download file size, for example 20 and then select the size as GB for example. So it shoudl appear as 20 GB. After that, simply select Automatic Or Manual Download Time Calculator. And that is it!

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